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My daughter has been taking classes with Liz for the past four years. Liz is a phenomenal yoga teacher! She puts her heart and soul into her classes and the kids have a blast! Liz is passionate about yoga and sharing its many benefits with people of all ages. She regularly holds workshops for families where participants can practice yoga, share a few laughs, and come together to express their gratitude toward one another. Time spent in any of Liz’s classes is priceless for the whole family. My daughter especially loves her themed workshops (past themes included Superheroes Night, Friendsgiving, Cookie Decorating to name a few). My daughter is always excited to go to yoga with Liz and leaves feeling empowered and happy. By taking a class with Liz, you are joining the best yoga family in the Hudson Valley!
Kelly Giordano
Liz is fantastic! She ran a private class for my Daisy Troop and it was great! They were all engaged, and oh so calm!! One of our best meetings thus far! The girls loved it!
Janelle Mendoza
We attended SuperHero Yoga with Liz and it was amazing. My daughter loved it so much that she asked to do it again right after class. Liz is sweet and makes it fun for the Littles. We will definitely sign up for a workshop again. Highly recommend.
Zoe Hunter Lee
Liz is the best!! My girls (& sometimes I) have been doing yoga on and off with Liz for several years now. We all love her! We have done kids yoga, Girl Scout workshops, yoga in the park, family yoga, and kids night out with her. Each of us has different strengths and difficulties, and Liz seems to effortlessly adjust her classes for all who are present, so that everyone remains engaged and gets the most out of her class in a fun way.
Mindful Yoga with Liz is a great place to be, however you can fit it into your life.
Sandy Carroll
Had the most amazing Yoga party for my girls who were turning four. We had a craft & yoga and the kids had a blast. I’m so glad that i came upon Mindful Yoga with Liz as I know I’ve made a lifelong connection.
I had been searching for ways to help my 6-year old son quiet his busy mind when I heard about Liz from a friend. Like so many boys his age he’s high energy and ALWAYS going. When I learned about the kids yoga class I was optimistic, given I personally enjoyed yoga myself. So I had three of my kids (6, 4.5, and 2.5) all try it and needless to say, they absolutely loved it!! They now attend Saturday mornings, as our scheduled allows (no commitment) and are calm, focused, and happy when they step out of that room!!
I have also experienced Liz during her Self-love Restorative Yoga and Reiki workshop with her and Danielle. The two of them are just incredible together. Relaxing this busy mom of four kids under age seven is not an easy task! Two hours of pure bliss where I can quiet my mind and do something for ME is just priceless. I have now attended two sessions and can’t wait for the next! Thank you so much Liz! <3
Liz has an amazing talent with children AND adults. My youngest has recently started with her (2yr old) and my middle son has been taking some classes with her for almost three years. (He’s almost 5) We love the outdoor summer series and have just tried a family session at Hudson Valley Healing Center with my husband and 11yr old son. I love Liz’ vinyasa class with a combination of good music, readings, adjustments and use of oils. The class makes me sweat, gives a great stretch and is relaxing all in one! I recommend Liz to all my friends.
Amazing Yoga Teacher! Both my daughter and myself love her classes! My daughter LOVES going to yoga class and LOVES her teacher.
I am always happy to go to yoga because before I get to yoga my body feels tired and tense and after yoga I feel refreshed and relaxed. Yoga with Liz is a wonderful experience because she makes it fun and challenging! My favorite pose is “The Fallen Angel!”
Danica - Age 11
I love yoga with Liz! She creates a fun, relaxing environment, and guides the class in a gentle and compassionate way. There is no pressure to do certain poses if you aren’t comfortable, but you always get a great workout. I love that she tells funny stories, and you can laugh at yourself during class! I also love her lavender eye pillows during Shavasana, they are such a nice touch and my stress melts away by the end. The most important difference is that Liz loves what she does, and it really comes through in her practice!
Sophia has been going to yoga for almost 2 years now. She looks forward to going every weekend! She is always happy and excited she went to yoga when she comes home. Liz is a great teacher and does an awesome job with the kids!!
Sophia loves going to yoga so much that her little brother can’t wait till he’s old enough to go with Sophia!! He always practices with her when we do it at home!!
The kids LOVE to go to yoga. Liz is amazing with the kids. I also LOVE her restorative yoga. We all need that in our lives. When do you ever give yourself two hours of peace. Thank you Liz!! <3