Hi!! I’m Liz, Owner & Founder of Mindful Yoga With Liz. I’ve been both a student and teacher of Yoga for over 15 years. I have a passion for working with kids of all ages. There is no greater feeling than giving children and families accessible tools to self-regulate, manage stress, boost self-esteem, make new friends and leave class with a big smile and a light heart.
I currently hold 15 Yoga Certifications ranging from babies as little as 6 weeks to children, teens, and adults. I am continuously learning ways to work with our community to bring a variety of classes for everyone that MYL comes in contact with.

I reside in the Hudson Valley with my husband, Matt, and am blessed with the most amazing Bonus Kids, Madison & Dylan. Family is everything to me and it’s important that our community feel that love and support. We have two cats, Rick and Saha, and they have an Instagram! Feel free to follow them here! When I’m not teaching yoga, I’m likely training, working the business side, and doing research on how to make Yoga accessible to more kids in our community. I love to read, spend time with my family + friends, listen to music and I’m also a piano student!