Become a kids yoga teacher

Are you passionate
about influencing
children's lives?

Want to see more kids, families, and schools focused on social emotional development? 

Do you want
to be the change
you wish to see?

Whether you are a parent, teacher, counselor, or community leader who works with kids (or wants to work with kids,) then this training is for you!

The Mindful Yoga with Liz Teacher Training is a unique opportunity for you to step forward in changing our world. In giving children the gift of yoga and mindfulness you will not only benefit them, their peers and everyone they come in contact with—but it will also benefit you! You will learn how to model a steady and consistent practice for yourself, thus becoming calmer, focused, more self aware.

Do you want
to be the change
you wish to see?

The benefits of Mindful Yoga with Liz are endless!

You'll be helping kid's to ...

And that is exactly what you would be creating by becoming a kids yoga teacher

How does it work?

The Mindful Yoga with Liz Teacher Training is 17-hours and takes place over the course of one weekend (Friday-Sunday) in our flagship studio located in Poughkeepsie, New York. During this training you will learn how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children ages 2-17. Topics include: why kids yoga, brain games, age appropriate poses, partner and group poses, meditation and mindfulness techniques, props, and how to apply yoga in a school setting.

You will receive a training manual, lesson plans to start you off, a Mindful Yoga with Liz t-shirt, and a certificate of completion. Best part is that you’ll get to observe real life kids yoga classes in action!

All graduates are invited to join the MYL team by signing up for mentorship in your space or ours.

By the end of this training, you will have learned how to teach and lead with confidence, patience and integrity and you will have your own toolbox to successfully lead a Kids Yoga Class!

What we'll cover

What you’ll get …

About Liz Torres-Zocchi—Your Teacher Trainer

Hi! I’m Liz, AKA the kid whisperer. I can’t take credit for that nickname—parents and school educators gave it to me. 

In the past decade, I’ve taught yoga to thousands of kids in all settings—schools, daycares, nurseries, camps, and our own Mindful Yoga with Liz studio based in Poughkeepsie NY. It’s truly my passion and purpose, and I wake up excited every day to do this work. 

I began my own yoga journey while working at a fast-moving, corporate job in banking. My personal Yoga practice not only taught me how to breathe, but it also helped me become more self-aware and stay present, overtly decreasing my anxiety and, thankfully, increasing my sleep quality. The more I practiced, the more I realized the benefits were endless, and it quickly became part of my everyday routine. 

In 2013 I committed to deepening my yoga studies and enrolled in my first (of many) Yoga Teacher Trainings. Within the first 48 hours, I knew I wanted to teach kids. I now hold over a dozen certifications ranging from teaching babies to adults—and the desire to continue to learn never goes away. 

As the founder, owner, and head teacher of Mindful Yoga with Liz, I am most proud of our school-based programs, where myself and other MYL Teachers impact an average of 10 schools a year—that’s hundreds of kids who are embodying our unique techniques for self regulation, identifying their feelings, moving their bodies, and learning to rest. 

If you have the desire to make a difference in a childs’ life with mindfulness and yoga—I am here to help you achieve that. I look forward to welcoming you at an upcoming MYL Teacher Training. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

What have past trainees said?

“I had the opportunity to take the kids yoga teacher training at Mindful Yoga with Liz! The training exceeded my expectations! Liz is an extraordinary yoga teacher and trainer; IA true craftsman and master of yoga, meditation and mindfulness! Her teaching helped me prepare lesson plans and storytelling that captivate, inspire and teach kids not only yoga poses but also about virtues of life and skills to help them cope with the day-to-day hustle and bustle And countered at school and at home. If you are considering becoming a kids yoga instructor Or just want to freshen up and broaden your scope this class/instruction is for you!!”
Kimberly Cuccia Meyer, LCSW, RYT
Facilitator of Mind over Mat
Owner and operator of the Mindfulness Center of Chester
“I had the opportunity to take the Kids Teacher Training with Liz Torres at Mindful Yoga with Liz this past summer. I have to say this was THE BEST THING I DID THIS SUMMER. I have been teaching yoga for 10+years, practicing yoga for 15+ years, and I have been a studio owner for 5 years. As a teacher of yoga, we are taught to always remain the student. With that in mind I continue to take trainings, and this one HANDS DOWN WAS ONE OF THE BEST. I have several contracts with schools, my studio offers kids classes, and I have always been intimidated to work with children. I have passed up opportunities to work with little people because I didn’t feel well equipped. I can honestly say, all that has changed thanks to this training. I have never had so much fun in any training. I walked away with more tools than I thought was possible. If you work with or plan to work with children, this training is a MUST. Deepest Gratitude to Liz, for bringing her passion and wealth of knowledge to our children.”
Charleen Predmore
Happy Buddha Yoga
"As a yoga teacher who has worked with adults, taking Liz's Kid's Yoga Teacher Training opened up a new world of yoga for me. Liz presents her materials in a simple and joyful manner. She is immersed in her work, and it is reflected by the intimate and loving relationships she is able to generate with her students. From bringing visual cues with toys and breathing balls, to using bubble wrap and foam noodles for sensory exploration, Liz covers all the bases for her young yogis. Her energy and spirit envelop the room she teaches in and one cannot but breathe in her happy attitude. She is patient with her students, yet demanding and they respond to her willingly and are motivated to try new things because of the trust she builds with them. I was able to take away many new ideas that fit not just teaching children yoga but adults. Simplifying our practice, coming back to basics, but mainly taking our yoga off the mat to create a peaceful life were excellent reminders of why I love this practice so much. You will surprise yourself with what you take away from this training and be very glad you took the time to do so. "
Mary Jean
Yoga Teacher & Human Resource Manager
“Taking the kids yoga teacher training with Liz has added a variety of tools to my toolbox to support students in a variety domains in all different settings. I am a Special Education teacher in a K-1 self-contained classroom and I use what I learned with Liz every single day! We start each day in the classroom with mindful movement and basically use it during every transition. The kids LOVE it and look forward to doing it. They each have their “yoga spot” in the room and they know just what to do. I notice a big improvement in self-regulation, motor skills, ability to cross the midline, focus, strength, and confidence. I catch my students taking deep breaths throughout the day unprompted. It is amazing how using yoga as a brain break shifts the energy and focus in the room. Most of my students have a difficult time sitting still and sustaining attention, but my students love “rest” time and are able to engage in a short savasana with ease (this is a small miracle for this group)!

It has been a true gift to be able to share all that I have learned at Liz’s training with children across the Hudson Valley. I am forever grateful and a better educator because of my time spent with Liz becoming a certified yoga teacher for children!”
Gianna DeFabio
Special Education Teacher