Baby Yoga

6 Weeks to New Walkers Babies can do yoga too? YES! In fact, babies are natural Yogis! In this class, we’ll focus on the important milestones for babies. We’ll work on yoga poses to bond caregivers with babies, aid in digestion, brain development, and more!

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Mommy & Me

Walkers to Toddlers This class is designed for moms, caregivers and babies to bond, strengthen and have fun! Moms will have the opportunity to explore yoga movements within their bodies while bonding with their babies in a special way.

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Youngster Yogi’s

Ages 2-5 Focusing on balance and breathwork, children will explore their bodies by moving through asanas (yoga poses) with the encouragement of imagination and storytelling. Children will learn healthy peer interaction, spatial awareness, a sense of self-confidence, and much more. Props, such as stuffed animals, parachutes, and essential oils are used

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Youthful Yogi’s

Ages 6+ Our children live in a hurry-up world of school pressures, video games, businesses, competitive sports – the list goes on. We don’t really think of these as stressful influences on our children. Now is a great time to provide kids with tools they can use daily. This age

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Youthster Yogi’s: A Combined Class

Ages 2+ A yoga class combined for all ages. This is a great class for siblings to attend together. Using a combination of Youngster Yogi’s and Youthful Yogi’s, students will feel challenged and gain strength while building confidence. Students will leave feeling refreshed and accomplished.

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Girl Power! Tween Yoga

Ages 10+ Yoga for Tweens is so much more than exercise. From shyness to independence to find their voices, Tween life is not always easy. In this series, we’ll explore how to build confidence and self-esteem. Yoga gives us tools to help focus, slow down and balance the good with

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Teen Work: Yoga for Teens

Ages 13+ Yoga for Teens is so much more than just stretching and exercising. Being a Teenager isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. From moral issues, social media challenges, to peer pressure, and much more, teens face the same challenges as we do. When given the proper tools,

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Ages 5-13 Despite what some may think, Yoga is not just for girls. There’s a reason that major sports teams and athletes, such as The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, are incorporating Yoga into their traditionally rigorous training regimens. Did you know that Shaquille O’Neal, a former NBA player, turned

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Family Yoga For All Abilities

This special Family Yoga Class focuses on increasing memory and concentration while working to stretch and tone the entire body. Children, of all abilities ages 5 and up are welcome with their caregivers.

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We have a passion for working with kids. They’re the key to our entire future. We work with children and teens individually, in group settings, family settings, schools, and daycares throughout the Hudson Valley.

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